".....this is the pre-college bible." Honolulu Advisor- Beverly Creamer

"Eureka!  It's the book I've been waiting for to help students make the best plans for college." Gretchen Cook, editor Parents and Kids Magazine

"Are you a teen starting high school with no idea of what to expect or what is expected of you?  Countdown to College, provides lists with clear and concise strategies....that include combinations of volunteering, courses, sports....  Ashley Wennersherron, The Virginian Pilot

"Treat yourself to this essential book!"  Student Scoop - collegebound.net

"...chock full of excellent college preparatory information.....This book is a great first step in the direction of college." bookview.com

"...a valuable and positive tool for teens, no matter what grade they're in."  Sharon Taylor Huppert, San Diego Family Magazine

"...easy to follow and presented in a simple format that will not intimidate your homework overloaded teen."  Ventura County Parent Magazine

"A task-oriented, easy to use primer on college preparation for high school students.  Breaks down the college admission process to help students from feeling overwhelmed by their junior year."  aft.org - American Federation of Teachers

"Email a friend about this book!  User friendly and appeals to students.  This is a super list, packed with advice, schedules, and web sites to guide students and their families through the mind-boggling college search."  www.booksmatter

"....gives students what they need most when planning for college: a friend who can walk them through the storm of deadlines, requirements and paperwork....the sooner this book gets into a young persons' hands, the better: it covers everything!"  youthtoday.org

"If you're feeling daunted by what lies ahead, don't totally freak.  Just slide this book under your teen's door, or better yet, start talking about it together."  Jane Schneider - Memphis Parent Magazine

"This book helps the student prioritize what is required each year while still keeping their eye on the ultimate goal, college admission.  The lists are exceptionally informative and loaded with supportive suggestions that takes the reader grade by grade."  The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval - 2003 Winner

"Exceptional read!"  Writers Notes Book Award

"Recommended reading for junior high and high school students preparing for college."  College Parents of America www.collegeparents.org/resources

Also mentioned in: The Chicago Daily Herald, The Tampa Tribune, The Houston Chronicle, The Houston Press, The Katy Times, The Northwest Suburban, The Austin Senior Advocate, The Senior News Source, Style & Living Northwest Magazine, Houston Fox 26 News Edition - Building Better Minds Series

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As of July 2004 - "Countdown to College" was added to 157 public libraries systems in 47 States.  CHECK YOUR LOCAL BRANCH Library to review A COPY TODAY!