Feedback from readers

"Valerie Pierce has created one of the best resources for parents (and students) in the marketplace.  Her well-designed book of '21 To Do Lists' is comprehensive, yet reader friendly.  Your copy is sure to be dog-eared by the time your child graduates from high school."

- James A. Boyle, President, College Parents of America

"You won't find this information at most high schools.  Easy to read and understand.  Answers all the questions about the college preparation, selection and financial process.  A 'must have' for all college-bound students.  I've seen many , many guides to college and this is the very best!"

- DeBra Delacroix Edwards, Scholarship Chair Cy-Fair Minority Parents Association, Scholarship Chair Copperfield Women's Club, Certified Trainer - College for Texans Program

"Countdown to College: 21 'To Do' Lists for High School, should be in every middle and high school library.  It is a great resource for high school students to begin early planning for college.  More importantly the book is a 'must read' for all parents of high school students.  It provides step- by- step 'to do's' for parents to help their children map out their high school years and ultimately decide their career path in life."

- Donna B. Lyttleton, Administrator, Houston Hispanic Forum 

"After being shown this book, I ordered a copy for my eight grade niece and nephew.  Having gone through the experience of looking at, applying to, and choosing colleges with two sons, I can say that the information in this book is right on the mark.  It is thorough, succinctly presented, and easily understood.  The list format and quotes from students presents the information in a logical way that is fun to read.  Organizing the lists as tasks to be considered during each year of high school makes the college search process less overwhelming."   

- mom from Ithaca, NY

"I found Countdown to College to be tremendously informative and helpful.  The direction and guidance found within the 'to do' lists helps you and your child get ready for the arduous task of the college application process.  My son is now a senior at Lamar High School and I wish our family had found this resource earlier.  Having these lists as a freshman would have made this entire process easier."

- Robert Spott, Publisher, Kid's Directory

"This book is instrumental in getting students on track and keeping them on track for college preparation.  I've used it in my seminars and found it easy to comprehend and follow."

- Addie Cormier, Volunteer College Financial Aid Advisor

"Countdown To College, gives each reader practical tools and insights on how to effectively plan and prepare for college.  I guarantee it will answer every question you might have about the college process.  This is a must read for all high school students and their parents."

Michael Hancock, Assoc. High School Pastor

"One of our patients told us about this great resource. My second child is now in high school and I had never heard of half of the information in this book.  I work with a dentist and we tell every  high school parent that comes to the office about these lists."

- freshman mom, Langham Creek High School

"I picked up a copy of this book for my 10th grade daughter two months ago after I heard about it at work.  This is a phenomenal resource for anyone with college bound children.  We have already put most of the suggested 'to do's' for the sophomore year into action.  At this point, I fully expect that we will receive a 5000% return on investment in this book!   I  have now bought a second copy  to work the program along side my daughter."

- Brian Stephenson, sophomore dad

"I bought this book for my niece after seeing it on a teachers desk at school.   Then I bought another book for her mother.  They are planning together for her college years.  I haven't seen such a useful book in ages."

- Sylvia Garcia, Elementary teacher, concerned aunt