More Quotes

"Make sure that the whole package fits - academic, social and spiritual -by visiting schools.  The distance from home and the weather are not an issue because everything feels right."

- Freshman, Notre Dame 

"I would have researched majors more.  I'm now having trouble changing my major, and I can't sign up for the new classes that I need until I'm classified in the right major.  This could take more time and money than I planned."

- Junior, University of Texas

"Most colleges are in the business of business.  The quicker that you realize that and learn to educate yourself on what you need to do, the more successful you will become."

- Freshman, New York University

"Use your talents to help pay for college.  I was a dancer in high school and I am now a proud member of the Kilgore Rangerettes."

- Sophomore, Kilgore College

"I wish that I had taken calculus, and participated in study groups.  I had no idea how hard college actually was and how unprepared I really was."

- Freshman, University of Minnesota

"I'd try to hold more offices in clubs in high school, rather than just being a member of many clubs.  When I filled out scholarship and college applications and wrote essays, I felt like I didn't have any leadership positions or enough dedicated experiences to talk about."

- Junior, University of Texas, Austin

"I would have tried to learn better study habits.  The high school that I went to was much easier than college, and it was a hard transition to make.  If I would have studied and read more in high school, my grades in college would be better."

- Sophomore, Virginia Tech

"Visit the campuses of the schools that you are thinking about several times if you can.  Definitely get a feel for the culture and the type of people there. Remember, you will be living there for the next four years, not just a weekend."

- Senior, Purdue University

"I would have taken different electives in high school.  In order to figure out what you like, you need to try new things.  In order to get something that you have never had, you must do something you have never done."

- Freshman, Stephen F. Austin

"If you like AP classes, then earn lots of AP credits. I found AP classes easier than the college classes.  The credits you earn will save you from taking unreasonably hard freshman weed-out classes in college.  If your not an AP person, do not take the classes, there are other ways to earn college credit."

- Sophomore, University of California at Berkley

"Talk to everyone that you can about your college choices and ask tons of questions.  Listen when others ask questions that you didn't think to ask.   I would have made a different college choice if I had talked to  different types of students (besides my friends) about why they chose their schools.  I am transferring now because this campus is just not for me.  This is stressful and  has wasted time and money."

-Freshman, Texas Tech