Looking back...

Student Quotes

"You can't go back, so do everything in high school to prepare for college that you can."

- Freshman, Fort Hays State University

"Put more emphasis on getting a great GPA in high school.  GPA is used for lots of things like- class rank, special programs, and scholarships, besides college applications.  Some students never recover from a low GPA in their freshman year of high school"

- Sophomore, Purdue University 

"I should have checked out the requirements for the colleges and all the majors that I was interested in when I was a freshman in high school and signing up for all of my classes.  Just because you get into the college you wanted, doesn't mean you have the requirements to be in the department, or major that you want or will ever be able to end up there."

- Sophomore, University of Texas

"College is something we do for our own good, not our parents, so we need to better prepare for it by learning as much as we can in high school." 

- Freshman, James Madison University

"Finding scholarships takes forever but saves the most money.  I would have spent more time looking for and applying for scholarships."

- Sophomore, Howard Payne University

"Don't ever take simple school assignments for granted. You may think they're stupid, but they build the skills you need to make college classes easier."                                 

- Sophomore, San Diego State University

"Take classes that allow you to get ahead in college credits.  It might be hard, but it will save you time and a lot of money on tuition."                                                   

- Freshman, University of Minnesota

"I wish I had taken a speed reading class.  There is so much reading in college, it's hard to keep up."

- Junior , Stanford University

"Really check out your college campus before you make your final decision.  Take your time, apply to many schools, but make sure that you go to the one that best fits you."

- Sophomore, University of Texas at Dallas

"High school really has a guided formula for success, if you follow it.  Pay attention and learn this process.  In college you have to come up with your own guidelines to succeed."

- Junior, University of Nevada, Reno